How to Send APK on WhatsApp: A Comprehensive Guide

In this digital age, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. It’s not just a messaging app anymore; it’s a platform for sharing various types of files, including APK files but How to Send APK on WhatsApp?

APK files are the installation files for Android apps, and sharing them through WhatsApp can be incredibly convenient. In this article, we will guide you through the process of How to Send APK on WhatsApp step by step.

Understanding How to Send APK on WhatsApp

What are APK Files?

APK files, short for Android Package Kit, are the standardized file format used by the Android operating system to package and distribute applications. These files contain all the necessary components, including the app’s code, resources, assets, and manifest file.

APK files serve as the installation packages for Android apps, allowing users to easily install and run applications on their Android devices.

They enable the seamless distribution of apps through platforms like the Google Play Store or via direct download, making it convenient for users to access and install a wide variety of software on their Android smartphones and tablets.

Why Share APK Files on WhatsApp?

Sharing APK files on WhatsApp offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows users to quickly and directly share Android applications with friends and contacts, especially useful when an app is not available on the official app stores or for beta testing purposes.

Additionally, it simplifies the sharing process, eliminating the need for users to search and download apps individually. It’s a convenient way to distribute apps among a closed group, ensuring everyone has access to the same version.

However, users must exercise caution and ensure the source is trustworthy to avoid security risks associated with APK files, such as malware or compatibility issues.

How to Send APK on WhatsApp

Precautions and Security

Risks of Sharing APK Files

While sharing APK files can be convenient, it’s not without risks. Here are some potential risks to be aware of:

  • Malware: APK files can be manipulated to include malicious code. Always trust the source of the APK file.
  • Compatibility: APK files may not work on all Android devices, especially if they are not up to date.
  • Legal Issues: Sharing copyrighted apps without permission is illegal.

Ensuring File Safety

To ensure the safety of the APK files you share:

  • Only download APK files from trusted sources.
  • Keep your Android device’s security settings up to date.
  • Respect copyright and intellectual property rights.

How to Send APK on WhatsApp

Sending APK Files on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web allows you to send APK files directly from your computer to your contacts on WhatsApp. Here’s how:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on your computer and connect it to your WhatsApp account on your phone.
  2. Start a chat with the contact you want to send the APK file to.
  3. Click on the attachment icon and select “Document.”
  4. Browse for the APK file on your computer and click “Send.”

Sending from Phone to Phone

Sending APK files from one phone to another is straightforward:

  1. Open the chat with the recipient on WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the attachment icon (the paperclip) and select “Document.”
  3. Find and select the APK file you want to send from your device.
  4. Click “Send.”

Sharing through Groups

You can also share APK files through WhatsApp groups:

  1. Open the group chat.
  2. Tap on the attachment icon and select “Document.”
  3. Locate the APK file on your device and send it.


Common Issues and Solutions

  • File Size Limit: WhatsApp has a file size limit for sending documents. If your APK file is too large, consider using cloud storage and sharing the link.
  • Installation Errors: If the recipient encounters installation issues, ensure that their device is compatible with the app.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

While WhatsApp is a popular choice for sharing APK files, there are alternative methods like email or cloud storage services.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Copyright and Permissions

It’s crucial to respect copyright and permissions when sharing APK files. Only share apps that you have the right to distribute, and never engage in software piracy.


Sending APK files on WhatsApp can be a convenient way to share Android apps with friends and family. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, ensure file safety, and respect legal and ethical considerations when sharing these files.


Is it legal to share APK files on WhatsApp?

Sharing APK files is legal as long as you have the right to distribute the app and you're not violating copyright or intellectual property rights.

Can I send APK files on WhatsApp Web?

Yes, you can send APK files using WhatsApp Web by selecting the "Document" option when sending a file.

What should I do if the recipient can't install the APK file?

Make sure the recipient's device is compatible with the app, and the APK file is not corrupted.

Are there size limitations for sending APK files on WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp has a file size limit for sending documents. If your APK file exceeds this limit, consider using other file-sharing methods.

What are some alternative methods for sharing APK files?

You can use email or cloud storage services to share APK files if WhatsApp is not suitable for your needs.

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